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CEED has developed range of training module to help organization to understand their GHG emission obligation and to identify the potential carbon trading opportunities.
A business guide to Trade Emission Reduction to give an overview of the Clean Development mechanism (CDM) Projects, including the background to the concept and the opportunities it presents to your business…


Policy led markets require new financial insight and expertise. The key to success herein, is the superior understanding of the complex interdependencies between the regulatory framework driving the process and its underlying principles and objectives.

CEED has the expertise to do both. We understand energy and environmental policy, as well as energy and environmental markets. By interpreting and anticipating policy developments, we provide our clients with the insight and comprehensive financial solutions, enabling them to make superior investment and trading decisions. CEED promotes projects in various geographic areas notably India.

CEED’s activity spans in the areas of Energy, Agriculture, Forestry, Environmental and Social sectors.


The company is engaged in the business of providing consultancy services regarding electrical-installation, designing, supervision, product and product preferences and about latest technology. We undertake turnkey projects, deal in electric goods, and provide consultancy services to the clients in the field of electrical construction, new as well as old, under the proprietary name ‘ASWATHI POWER CONTROLS’ which is a proprietorship concern and ‘ARATHI ELECTRICALS’ which is a partnership concern.


CEED is engaged in the ecological assessment to identify consequences on biological diversity that includes habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, pollution and disturbances. For the above purpose CEED conducts floristic survey to identify rare / threatened species and the species having economic importance. Floristic survey is used to demarcate mitigation measures so as to minimize the adverse impact due to different harmful activities.


We provide solutions like mechanism for preventing deforestation, promoting conservation of forest ecosystem and ensuring biodiversity conservation. CEED is also engaged with GIS applications in forestry which includes:

  • Supervising of afforestation plans
  • Monitoring of plantation schemes
  • Corridor mapping for animal migration
  • Habitat mapping
  • Land capability mapping

Land Use:

CEED is engaged in perspective plans for conservation, development, and management of land resources in order to adopt a strategic framework for sustainable land use planning and integration of both development and environmental goals.

We use remote sensing techniques for interpretation and integrated analysis of data on land use and land resources.

We provide education and training on the subjects of land use and land resources conservation in schools, technical and vocational institutions, and universities. . Awareness raising campaigns to educate and inform people about scientific land use planning and management are also conducted by CEED.

Clean Development Mechanism
Corporate Social Responsibility
Environmental Impact Assessment
Corporate Environmental Management
Environmental Training and Awareness
Natural Resource Management
Management System Audits
Green House Gases (GHG) Accounting and Carbon Foot Printing
Eco-tourism Services
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